Our Domestic Waterproofing Services

At present our domestic services are available in the areas above.


Garage roof leaking?

We Repair, Refurbish, Encapsulate or Remove  your garage or outbuilding roofs whether they are Asbestos, felt, metal or wood. We can fully waterproof your leaking out building within a few hours so your belongings can be dry and protected again. Get in touch with one of our friendly advisers to discuss your options or request a free quotation.

What is encapsulation?

Asbestos fibres become harmful when the ACS (Asbestos Containing Sheet) is disturbed and the particles become airborne. With encapsulation we envelop  the entire sheet in a specifically designed liquid which bonds to the sheet and contains the harmful fibres, this prevents them from escaping.

Concerned about Asbestos on your property?

If you are worried about asbestos fibres affecting your family. Our trained operatives can safely remove the asbestos sheets from your garage or outbuilding and replace them with a non hazardous alternative. This can often be done the same day and furthermore there is no need to remove your belongings.

What should I do?

Never attempt to repair an Asbestos garage roof yourself, we are trained and certified to handle hazardous substances. So get in touch and one of our friendly team will guide you through your options.

How much will it cost?

For a standard single garage roof, complete waterproofing and encapsulation can cost as little as £500.00

For Removal and replacement of an Asbestos Garage roof  prices start at around £1500.00


Flat Roof Leaking?

As approved installers of  leading manufacturers roofing systems we can supply and fit a solution to suit you. Whether you’re looking to stop a pesky leak, create a rooftop terrace or refurbish a poorly insulated tired roof. Get in touch and one of our helpful advisers will be happy to discuss your options.

What causes leaks?

Flat roofs can fail in a number of places. Felt applications are prone to crumble and deteriorate as years and the elements take their toll, this can expose the timbers below and if not treated effectively can lead to structural damage as the water permeates. Loose flashing and trims can also be points that allow water ingress. Blocked gutters and down-pipes can often be mistaken for a roof leak and lead to rogue contractors carrying out unnecessary roof works.  EPDM and single ply membranes can fail along seams and joints because these are the weakest areas, and as they must be cut to shape around abutments and protrusions they are prone to fail at these joints, these roofing membranes typically only have a life span of between 15-20 years before they start to break down and fail causing water to  enter your rooms below.

What are my options?

Most roofing companies confuse home owners with technical jargon and unpronounceable products. We just use leading products from reputable manufacturers with full manufacturer backed guarantees for your peace of mind. We can supply  technical data and literature about the systems we use upon request.

With a Liquid coating you have a seamless waterproofing membrane, with guarantees of up to 25 years.

No Cuts No joints No seams No leaks.

What will it cost?

Typically you could expect to pay between £30-50 per m2 for a domestic flat roof.

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