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Why Metal Roofs Fail

Metal roofs are a reliable and long-lasting option. However, proper maintenance is crucial to keep them in excellent condition. It’s important to note that during the manufacturing process, metal roof sheets are coated with plastic, such as Plastisol, to protect against corrosion and enhance their appearance. However, the cut edges of the cladding are left exposed, which makes them vulnerable to corrosion and peeling of the coating.

Therefore, identifying and treating cut edge corrosion as early as possible is essential to prevent further damage. If your metal roof is over five years old, there is a high probability of cut edge corrosion. If it’s more than ten years old, it almost certainly needs treatment.

Repairing cut edge corrosion provides essential protection to your cladding against the elements and pollution, while reducing the risk of the coating peeling back. It creates a tight seal on the horizontal laps, lap joints, and edges of the cladding, significantly improving the appearance and structural stability of your building. Contact a professional company today to handle your cut edge corrosion repair needs.


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