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Your garage roof…..

With good quality storage more valuable today than ever, keeping your garage or outbuilding dry is a wise investment. Moisture damage can render these spaces unsuitable for almost anything other than the most basic of items.

With just a little investment these buildings can be turned into a very useful addition to your home and life. Our Domestic Services offer a wide rage of solutions.

The most common issues……


Condensation is caused when warm air meets cold air. This will produce droplets of water on surfaces (single glazed windows are commonly affected by this) introducing damp into a room where it ought not to be.

Roofs are another common place for condensation to appear though it’s not always easily spotted. The effects of it can be though, with mould and mildew being found around the interior of the building with musty smell being one of the first signs.

Water ingress…..leaks

Water can be very inventive when it comes to finding a path into a building and will surprise many by its route at times. Wind can help to push it in through unusual gaps, even travelling uphill when it finds a dry area to move into to (Capillary action).

Usually once you start to see water dripping from a ceiling or roof its a sign that the roof above has a few maintenance issues and that its in need of some TLC. Whilst a patch repair over a specific area can offer a short term fix it will be only that – a short term fix.

Both of the above problems can be cured with good maintenance and design. If caught early this needn’t be too expensive or disruptive and with a good decision made on the choice of the right contractor who can assess the problems correctly, suggest the best course of action and install the fix properly these problems will soon be a thing of the past.

At Elite waterproofing we pride ourselves on having direct experience of many of the waterproofing problems found today and will be able to help guide you to a long term solution that will offer you the best value.


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