Green Roofs

Benefits of a Green Roof

  • A green roof can Enhance sustainability, combating global warming.
  • Significantly reduce the surface run off volumes.
  • Long-term economic benefit of installing this type of roof finish.
  • These types of roofs significantly reduce the need for air conditioning in summer and can provide a degree of insulation in winter.
  • In city centres they are visually pleasing creating a softer landscape.
  • Increase of roof life.
  • Reduction of noise and dust levels.
  • Providing new habitats for wildlife and increasing bio-diversity.
  • Urban Rooftop Food Growing

Elite Waterproofing have been involved in the installation of Green Roof Systems for over 10 years

Roof Types

There are two main types of green roofs;

  1. Extensive Green Roof
    this kind of roof tends to have a thinner growing and therefore require less maintenance. It gives a wild grass appearance and has a saturated load in the region of 90kg/m2.
  2. Intensive Green Roof
    In essence, these are parks or gardens on roofs. It requires a greater depth of soil to nurture a wide variety of plants which may be used. It requires regular maintenance as with a normal garden, and has a saturated load in the region of 400kg/m2.

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