Quality roofing means quality health and safety

health and safety

Over the last 10 years, there have been numerous developments in the roofing sector, such as Roll Over Netting and an increasing general awareness of the health and safety risks associated with roofing work.

There is plenty of HSE (and industry) guidance setting out straight forward precautions that can be taken to assist in the prevention of incidents. For example, with a little bit of forethought and planning you may be able to avoid setting foot on the roof at all, such as using a picker for gutter maintenance. Even a leaking roof light, fixed with J bolts can sometimes be removed and replaced from below!

At Elite Waterproofing, we understand how important it is to follow these health and saftey measures that have been put into place. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case across the industry and HSE has been commissioned to research the reasons behind why some continue to take huge risks in the work they do. Though it is improving, what is sometimes less well recognised is the health implications that this industry carries. To combat this, correct and thorough training must take place for all workers involved. This includes things like manual handling, asbestos awareness, working at heights, etc.

So what is the cost of getting things right?

The cost to the UK economy overall in 2012/13 was £14.2 billion, and £8.2 billion of that fell on workers but these are huge figures that mean little to us as individuals. The actual cost to individual workers can ultimately be complete loss of earnings. It is vital workers have the correct insurances in place, and not to underestimate these scenarios.

It really does pay to think about the work, plan and organise it, talk it through with clients and other workers to get it right first time. Always ensure you choose a reputable contractor to carry out the works. Your contractor should ensure the above is considered, so your roof repairs can be carried out correctly and safely.