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Asbestos Sheet

Whatever problems you are having with your asbestos roofing, Elite Waterproofing provides a cost effective, long term solution to suit your needs. Working with businesses across the UK, visit our asbestos roof repairs page.

Asbestos roof image

We can remove and replace your Asbestos Roofs with the minimal disruption and fuss. All work carried out conforms to the latest safety legislation in this dangerous area. Visit our Asbestos removal page

Our systems are ideal for all Industrial and Commercial buildings and applications.

visit our commercial roofing page

Metal Roof

Our revolutionary new ZERO™ system provides rapid waterproofing and insulation to the surface giving you  a ‘Full Metal Jacket’, while causing ZERO™ disruption to the operations within the building below. Suitable for Asbestos wood and metal roofs.

We have years of experience repairing and maintaining commercial, retail and industrial gutters throughout the country

Tanking waterproofing

Whatever type of waterproofing your project requires, Elite have the system and application expertise to make your investment watertight.

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Why us?

Our People

At Elite we recognise that our greatest asset is our people.  We pledge to treat each employee with integrity, dealing honestly with them as individuals. The best tools, equipment and training are provided across each segment of the trade. In doing so, we can maintain a corporate culture where new ideas and innovative thinking are welcome and rewarded.

25 Years Experience

Elite Waterproofing was formed to give our clients access to a team of highly skilled waterproofing system applicators.

Our combined experience of over 25 years in liquid waterproofing means that we can give realistic advice on solutions that will give clients first class performance and excellent value.

Health & Safety

This Company is committed to the continued development of our own internal safety organisation, as well as the advancement of safety management, education and training programs throughout the company.

Customer Service

All of our teams are  committed to total customer satisfaction. We pledge to meet or exceed customer expectations on every project.


Clients can count on Elites technical execution and workmanship to be among the highest in the industry.


Customers, contractors, vendors and suppliers will be able to count on Elite management and personnel to be reliable and trustworthy at every exchange.


Elite is committed to its role as an industry leader and innovator.  Customers can rely on us to remain a step ahead of the curve regarding industry safety advancements and workforce training, to apply the latest proven technologies on their projects, and to be on the ground floor of industry standards for new and emerging markets.


As a full service waterproofing contractor, Elite will continue expanding its expertise and resources across all disciplines of waterproofing construction. We continue to make inroads into new and emerging markets and not shy away from that which is unique and challenging. We guarantee responsiveness and adaptability to change.


The commitment to the communities where we work and live will not waiver.  We shall endeavor  to give back where needs are the greatest and where our convictions dictate, both corporately and personally.